REC Student Club

About RSC

The Reliance College Student Council (RSC) advocates on behalf of students to represent the interests and concerns of students to the college community. The RSC is a group of elected and appointed students that represents the student body to the faculty and administration, and provides a conduit between the student body, faculty, and administration. Through the RSC, students can address any faculty or administration issues that include, but are not limited to, academic programs and curricula, courses, professional development, and long-range goals of the school.

The main purposes of RSC are:

  1. To facilitate communication between College students, faculty, and administration.
  2. To represent the interests and concerns of College students to the College community.
  3. To improve the quality of student life at the College
  4. To facilitate and develop a student activities program.

Executive Committee

The RSC is led by the following executive officers:
President : Ng Cin Chon (010-2055863)
Vice President : Chong Mun Hao (012-9837981) & Wan Jack Wei (016-9665255)
Treasurer : Khoo Kher Qi (019-2989891)
Secretary : Jayreen Tasha A/P Tiyagarajan (012-2911071)