Our course consultants are ever ready to provide complete details on all courses available. In addition, they are also willing to advise our students on their selection of programmes by evaluating their academic performances and career goals.


Find out your true potential and career path. Our career counsellors offer one-on-one counselling to explore areas you can excel in. If you are looking to boost your confidence, communication skills, conflict management skills or even decision-making skills here is where you can start off.

We offer one on one guidance if our students have trouble making crucial career related decisions. Counseling will also be provided for those with difficulty in communication, confidence, and conflict management skills.


We understand that students may have personal difficulties and need someone to talk to. Our attentive counselors are always available to provide an informal and friendly service. Students may speak to counselors on any difficulties they may face. They are trained to handle from academic to personal relationship matters.